135-4 data cleaning walkthrough


i am struggling to understand this line of code here.

can someone explain to me what does the /{0}.format(f) in the following liner does

import pandas as pd
data_files = [
data = {}
for f in data_files:
    d = pd.read_csv("schools/{0}".format(f))
    key_name = f.replace(".csv", "")
    data[key_name] = d

not sure if i run through this before. have checked previous missions but don’t recall seeing this :grinning:

Hi @willx
If your question is about how the str.format() method work, in general, you can check this mission inserting-variables-into-strings.
In your code you have a list of data files data_files and you want to read every file in this list, you can use loop to do it, in the first iteration of your loop, f will be equal to "ap_2010.csv"
which means that the string "schools/{0}".format(f) " will be same as "schools/ap_2010.csv" by defintion of str.format() method, and this code d = pd.read_csv("schools/ap_2010.csv") will read your first data file.

Hi @bahmed21,
sorry for late reply.
can i understand why is the {0} needed? why in particular the number zero?


Hi @willx
You don’t have to be sorry
In the str.format() method you can use integers between the brace characters ( {} ) if you wont to specify order or repetition. In your code

you don’t need to specify any order or repetition you can just use empty brace like this
you can always check this mission inserting-variables-into-strings for more explanation and example.

ah… i must forgotten this part when i did this mission back then of the position of the arguments.
was wondering about that part there
geez… thanks so much bahmed :grinning:

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