144-4 Error trying to create a bar height

Hello Team,

I am trying to set the bar height for a bar chart and I am using the code in Step 2 Mission 3 Page 4. I am working on Jupyter on my PC

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from numpy import arange
num_cols = ['RT_user_norm', 'Metacritic_user_nom', 'IMDB_norm', 'Fandango_Ratingvalue', 'Fandango_Stars']
bar_heights = norm_reviews[num_cols].iloc[0].values
bar_positions = arange(5) + 0.75
fig, ax = plt.subplots()
ax.bar(bar_positions, bar_heights, 0.5)

I get a TypeError message at line 4 of the code

"TypeError: list indices must be integers or slices, not list"

Kindly assist me in understanding the error.


Hey, ignatiusebigwai.

I am unable to reproduce this. Can you please share your notebook so that other people can look into this?

It’s possible you’re doing something incorrect before this screen.

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Hi Bruno,

Thanks very much for your response.
Like you mentioned I was doing something wrong. I was working on more than one note book at the time and I had been practising for over 7hrs. Guess I was tired. But today I concentrated on the mission and it went smoothly. Apologies for the NPT I caused you.


No worries :slight_smile:

Feel free to mark your own reply as a solution, just so that this question doesn’t appear to be unsolved.

Okay I have done that. Thanks.

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