147-3 - charting with a Pandas dataframe not treated as a correct answer, even though it's taught during the course

Screen Link:

My Code:

women_degrees.plot(kind='line', x='Year', y='Biology')

What I expected to happen:

for it to be treated as acceptable answer, given how this course presents how to use plotting with both matplotlib and pandas dataframe

What actually happened:

it was not treated as an acceptable answer

Hi @semenchuk.ivan:

Please also provide a question link as per these guidelines. Thanks

I am sorry, I do not see any reference to “question link” at the address you posted.

Hello @semenchuk.ivan
Seems like there is no mention of it. But please provide mission links so that anyone can easily navigate there to test and also be really helpful in understanding the context of the problem.

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Hi @semenchuk.ivan, please refer to this article.

Just looking at the image, notice that the chart is not expected to have the x label and the legend.

I understand your point, but this mission is focused on matplotlib, as we can see on the first page:

In this mission, we’ll start with a standard matplotlib plot and improve its appearance to better communicate the patterns we want a viewer to understand.

Throughout the mission, you can see how much more powerful matplolib is than pandas when it comes to data visualization. It allows you to control every little detail of your plots, just like the legend and x label I mentioned. Plotting with pandas or matplotlib yields different results. In fact, you’ve been using matplotlib since the Exploratory Data Visualization course. So, the platform expects you to use this library from now on because it is the one you need to learn in order to improve your data visualization skills, not pandas.

Also, you should always paste a link to the mission.

Hey @semenchuk.ivan, thanks a lot for pointing this out. I just edited the guidelines to add this.

Adding the URL of the mission screen is definitely one of the most important things that you can do to make it easy for volunteers to help you.

Thank you, all. Thank you.