190-4, Even after using DROP to remove the customer_usa view, I am getting the below mentioned error

I’m having this same issue. No matter what I put in the code box, any combination of DROP VIEW, or DROP TABLE, no code, solution code, the same error is thrown:

(sqlite3.OperationalError) table customer_usa already exists
[SQL: CREATE VIEW chinook.customer_usa AS SELECT * FROM chinook.customer WHERE country = “USA”;]
(Background on this error at: http://sqlalche.me/e/13/e3q8)

Hi @adamyars,

Kindly try this approach.

Thank you, hitting the ‘Submit Answer’ rather than ‘Run Code’ was the solution to get the old table to drop.

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@adamyars I just tried this approach and it did not work for me.

@joshirohini2112, could you please share your code?