191-3 Guided Project: Answering Business Questions with SQL - My finished project!

Hello! I recently finished the Answering Business Questions with SQL project and I’d love some feedback on my final writeup. I’m enjoying learning SQL quite a bit and I’m planning to make this project the first entry in my portfolio for job-hunting.

While I was struggling to get Jupyter working on my new laptop I decided to give R Notebooks a try instead, and then host it through my personal website as an additional little experiment. It turned out pretty cool!




I really like your project! It will make you stand out.
You have your own unique style so it is hard for me to tell you what you should improve. I like the way you explain the steps you are taking.
Only few suggestions:

  • maybe you could add comments in your code (you add it but not consistently)
  • in Analyzing Sales Data By Country and Exploring Playlist Composition sections a lot of happens (tables, plots visualizing the data) but there is little text describing consequently what is going on. What do you think about working on this part more?

hi @phoebepreble

In love with your work! :heart_eyes:

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Hello @phoebepreble, Awesome work you’ve done here. This is a very detailed analysis, adding graphs to this project has made it even more interesting.

Happy Learning!

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