1st Guide Project SQL: Analyzing Business question by SQL

Hi, I’m Minh.
Today I want to share all my first SQL guide project as a practice about SQL operation: Analyzing Business questions by SQL
It’s pretty hard but finally, I’ve made it

Here is my project:
Guide_Project_2_Analyzing_Business_question.ipynb (73.6 KB)

I’m welcoming all comments and feedback to my project so that I know where to improve it, please take a look and share with me some feedback

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

Congrats @biengioichantroi :handshake: on completing your work. I have reviewed your project and have a couple of pointers. (click on the triangle bullet points for the detail)

Presentation Style
  • I recommend the use of Introduction and Conclusion sections. These clearly show the reader that you have a goal and that you can summarize your findings. Most who read your report will focus on these sections before going through your entire report.
  • I also recommend that you include a link to this db. You can find the same here
  • It is always best to round your outputs for all columns a simple ROUND(c17.total_17,2) in cell[15], for example, should help with this regard. It ensures cleanliness in your outputs.
  • I like how you made extra effort to assess the sales people, but I believe the column names could improve because at the onset it is not clear what total_cost_gain_17 really means.
  • I realize from the explanations that English may not be your first language. You could consider the user of tools like Language Tool which is an add-on on Firefox or Grammarly or even MS Word 13. I usually paste what I intend to write in MS Word and run the editor to ensure my grammar and language are correct.
Coding Style
  • I noticed that there was some inconsistency in the way you wrote your code. You could use this style guide I found and published in a post. It would help to be more consistent and keep the code clean.
  • It was interesting to see your approach for the question related to album vs. individual tracks. You have taken a different track.
  • I haven’t gone through your code in detail. So I could not find anything striking.
  • When you have sorted everything, you could look in to adding visualizations in your notebook. They add a lot of value and helps the reader understand better.

Hope to see more of your projects and keep the ball rolling :basketball: !


Thank you for your feedback, I also admit that I want to write everything to be lower case (like I did in MySQL), but in this project, I’ve focused on how code run rather than how it looks.
OK, I will change everything to be lower case and do everything to make it a more pretty look.

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