1st Guided Project - Helicopter Prison Escape

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Hi @rishikabhatia1703

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your first project with Dataquest community. I have gone through it and it looks pretty good. The code lines have been well worked and has thus rendered the required the required output. Have got few suggestions.

  • Kindy check on the style, having the title , subheading and explanations with same format is not that the good approach. Maybe you ought to have the headings in bold ,and you can simply add # before the text to achieve the boldness.

  • You haven’t as well include the aim of your project, that is, what are these questions your project are trying to answer? . Like I can see you have explored on which country recorded most prison break attempt, this can be one of the objectives(aim) which should be displayed in the introduction.

  • You haven’t included comments in your workings, which is not always the best approach. Though most of these code lines are self explanatory and simple to follow through, not every reader will be in a position to notice the same and therefore it’s always encouraged to accompany your codes with comments.

  • You have hardly accompany your outputs with explanations , it will be very difficult for the reader who is not pro in programming to understand most of these outputs. The best approach is always to give brief explanations on outputs as they get displayed.

And by the way, do you think there is away months correlate with the escape attempts? Like can we see a trend may be to say most escape attempts occur during certain month compared to the other? I think it can be a good exploration to work on as you progress with your learning.

Otherwise congratulations for the good work, and all the best in your upcoming projects. I understand the suggestions are coming very late but I hope they will be helpful even as continue with your learning.