1st Guided Project-Prison Break (Helicopter Escapase) by Yuanny


Hi @yy.gao8017 , could you please post/ upload the .ipynb version of your guided project?

Guided Project_ Prison Break.ipynb (79.3 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

Thank you @yy.gao8017 for updating the thread. Your first guided project looks good.
Looks like You started off with giving headings and explanations and later focussed more on coding and getting the analysis done. It would be great if you’d continued the documentation and added some more code comments. It makes it easier for others to understand your code, logic behind code etc. It also helps us to remember our own code after some a long time gap. So adding comments and explanations to your project is a good practice, especially while learning. Anyway congratulations on finishing your first guided project. Good luck with the coming ones.