1st Guided Project - Profitable App Profiles

Here’s my first guided project.
How does it look?
I did have some extra stuff not related to the project in there, just examples for myself.


Guided Project - Profitable App Profiles.ipynb (50.0 KB)

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Hi @Selkrin,

It is good to see your first project as well. Good to see you finished 2 projects and posted it here.

One suggestion like I mentioned in the other one, is to have a separate section for introduction and conclusion with a heading for a better reading project report.

I think the extra stuff you mentioned were in cell number 17 and 35. It is good that you are trying out things and experimenting with it. But personally I am not sure if it should be part of this report.
Also, it would be a good idea to restart and run all the cells in jupyter notebook before publishing. Then all the cells will be in order and it will be more like a last check for any errors before submitting.

In case you want to limit the number of items while printing in the below code

# Breakdown of "BOOKS_AND_REFERENCE" apps
for app in android_final:
    if app[1] == "BOOKS_AND_REFERENCE":
        print(app[0], ":", app[5])

You can use a counter like i=0 and increment it and set a condition to exit the loop when i reaches 25 or something like that.

I hope these suggestions are useful to you. Happy learning. Looking forward to your upcoming projects.

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I’m suffering try to break-down the Removing Non-English App.