20+ Years of the Euro on FOREX

Hello. This is my 5th guided project and the first one I really built independently.

There are two things I would change if I could. One, the very first cell contains javascript to make the cells display in full, i.e. not scrolled. I would like to be able to change this in the cell. I tried to edit the cell metadata but no luck. Two, I would really like to display this in nbviewer without the code cell input being displayed. I feel that it makes the project much more interesting to look at. I tried so many things to change this with, again, no luck.

Two things that I really like are the map gif and the conclusions I was able to show.

Please share your thoughts. :smiley:

Here is the nbviewer to the version on github where everything displays correctly.

Euro on FOREX

This is the version without code, on github. (I’m having a difficult time with nbviewer and 404s on this one)

no code version on github


Hi @brucemcminn

Thanks for sharing your project with DQ Community. First off that animated map just stands out! Cool work here :+1:

I haven’t done this project so won’t be delving into the analysis aspect of it. Perhaps you can try tagging the other learners who have completed the project, they might give better feedback.

For hiding the code cells I can suggest you the below code. I got it from StackOverflow.
It creates a button that can be clicked to view/hide the code cells when the project renders in Nbviewer.

from IPython.display import HTML
HTML('''<script>code_show=true; function code_toggle() { if (code_show){ $('div.input').hide();
 } else { $('div.input').show(); } code_show = !code_show} $( document ).ready(code_toggle);</script>
<form action="javascript:code_toggle()"><input type="submit" value="Click here to toggle on/off the raw code."></form>''')
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