200 Years of GDP & Life Expectancy, Power BI Guided Project 2

Hello! Here is my second Power BI guided project. I enjoyed it more than the first. I’m more familiar with the Power BI interface and I got it on a big monitor. :smiling_face_with_tear: so happy

  • The guidelines suggest changing an initial error to 1919 in the year column when importing and transforming the data. When I looked more closely I saw that the dataset was missing the decade for 1820. Making this change allowed Power BI to build the correct visualization.

  • Changed some of the values to make it nicer to read.

  • Modified the images by reducing unnecessary text.

  • Added a slicer for national income level

The Dashboard

Just Americas

Just Brazil

Just African Upper Middle National Income

I can’t upload the .pbix file or the short video I made. Any suggestions for that or for the project are appreciated. Thanks!


@brucemcminn ,
Absolutely stunning visualizations you have presented.
On your not been able to upload a .pbix file or short video, I think @Elena_Kosourova or @Rucha can provide more insights to this. Keep moving.


Hi @brucemcminn & @Ezemonye_Omereji

For sharing of the .pbix file, as of now, Power BI does not have something like Tableau Public where we can share our projects for free (provided the dataset we are using does not have confidential data!)

In one of the webinars of DQ, this question was asked to the Power BI team and I guess they said they might work on this or are working on this. So till then, we will have to wait or share our .pbix files by zipping/ dropbox etc. methods.

I am not sure if upload on DQ supports both these two types of files (.pbix and video). Please review the guidelines of DQ for the same. If not then maybe the DQ tech team will have support /enable it.


Well noted. Thank you for responding.

@brucemcminn , can you please share your conclusions from the visualizations to better communicate your findings???

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