23 May 2019 Site Downtime


Status Page

9:19 pm CST

This issue seems to have been resolved, but we are monitoring closely.

If you are still having the same issue, please try a hard refresh.

Please report any further issues.

May 23, 18:27 PDT Dataquest team are working on the site outage now.

This is a wiki post, moderators feel free to update this.

Hi all,

I have reported the issue to DQ team via [email protected].

Once a mission page is load, it loads the following:

Always improving your learning experience!

Dataquest just upgraded to a new version. Don’t worry, your work has been saved

When I click the “Upgrade Dataquest Now” button, it stays on the same page.


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I can also confirm this is happening. It is also being widely reported online.

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I tried to send out an urgent message to the official DQ team. All I can do is to wait for the engineers to fix the bug.

Thanks for your patience.


I tried to reach @Mary on slack

Updates from @Randall via slack

Thanks for notifying us that you cannot access a mission. I’ve alerted our devs and they’re looking into it

Hey everyone!

We’re working diligently on this issue and will let you know when it’s been resolved. Our engineering team is working their magic.

You can check the status page here to keep an eye on any updates, and I’ll also update here.



Thanks @Mary. Or you can update the wiki post on the top.

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The status page says it has been resolved, but I still get the same issue.


Hi @iuheoj, can you please try a hard refresh and see if you are still experiencing the same issue?

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Close all tabs and open just one tab.

ok, that works, thank you @Mary