242-2 ReLU Function Visualization

I don’t quite understand this visualization of the ReLU function y = max(x, 0) in the screen ReLU Activation Function. It looks like we get negative y values before the function approaches the x axis.


The visualizations are supposed to show the activation function changing as the coefficient in front of the x changes.

The red dots are pairs of points (x,y) that the function should approximate.

The blue line is supposed to be the ReLU function. As you pointed out, ReLU(x) = max(x, 0), so the visualization appears to be incorrect when the coefficient is negative.

In the first half of the visualization, the blue line should be going through the 2nd quadrant of the XY plane when the coefficient is -10, then move counter-clockwise towards the line y = 0 as the coefficient gets closer to 0.