280-x Matplot & pandas usage in Guided Project: Answering Business Questions using SQL

Question; did we go over Panda and matplot at all or is it assumed we would learn/study this on the side at our own leisure?

Because it’s completely foreign to me down-right perplexing. If there is good supplemental examples that were taught or available someone on this platform, that’d be great. Otherwise, I guess I can reverse engineer the solution.

But yeah, the solutions for this project seems extremely confusing, but I did skip Python Course 2 & 3, so I’m not sure if it was learned there.

Hey, Ajtam.

We covered Matplotlib and Pandas before this course.

Our content is structured and self-contained, you shouldn’t have to go outside of Dataquest to learn anything that we teach, except for the prerequisites for the very first mission (things like understanding English, some mathematics, reading tabular data, knowing how to use a computer, and so on).

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Before this course, as-in Python courses? I remember going through it very briefly in some of SQL coursework leading-up to the project, but not to the extent of how the project solution presented it, so if there is any way you can you let me know which specific one’s to complete the project, that’d be great.


Yes, in the Data Analyst and Data Scientist in Python paths.

This made me realize that I made an assumption about what path you’re in. I just realized you’re in the Data Engineer path. We do not cover this content there, my apologies!

That solution is there to serve as a guideline. You’ll notice that in the guided project we never asked for any data vizualization.

To complete the project you only need the courses that come before this one in the Data Engineer path. To understand the entirety of the given solution, that’s a different matter. Here are the courses you’ll need in case you want to do this:

Again, apologies for the misinformation!

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Ah, got ya. I’ll focus my attention on the track for Data Engineer for now and come back to the Panda/Matplotlib afterwards then.

Would you be able to assist with the last problem in the SQL project? Might be helpful for others, as well.

Just to get a breakdown and understand the thought process to approaching the problem and subsequent solution for it?