286-9 Getting an incorrect value reported when submitted for checking

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My Code:

wnba['Games Played'].plot.hist(range = (1,32), bins = 8, title = 'The distribution of players by games played')
plt.xlabel('Games Played')

What I expected to happen:
This should work correctly and in fact creates a graph that looks as it should.

What actually happened:
Although this runs, without any errors, when submitted it states there is an error somewhere, which I can’t find.

One of your variables doesn't seem to have the correct value. Please re-check the instructions and your code.
Your 1st plot doesn't match what we expected.

First thing that comes to mind is to put 0,32 as the range.
Also, you could have a null value somewhere that is tripping up the script. This is where I would say hit a .info or a .isnull().value_counts()

Thank you for your suggestions eugeniosp3.
I’ve tried changing the range and also confirmed that there aren’t any null values in the ‘Games Played’ column, still the error continues.

Hi all
I’ve sussed the issue! I had set the x-label as ‘Games Played’, instead of the expected ‘Games played’.
Sorry to have troubled you all.
Merry Christmas.

Nice! Congrats :slight_smile:
Merry xmas to you too!