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2nd guided project -> Hacker News Analysis

Sharing my 2nd guided project

Any and all feedback welcome :slight_smile:


Hi @amit9815

Thanks for sharing your project with the the Dataquest community. The project looks good and well organized. The introduction, the aim/objectives, the code lines,and the text given in the markdown cell are so informing. I love the way you have organized your workings, like creating first all the necessary functions before anything else and exploring them one at a time, I think I should adapt the same :grinning:, thumbs up mate for the good work.

Have got few suggestions;

  • You ought to have provided the links of the dataset you used, for easy access by the reader who might have an idea of getting to know more information about the dataset.
  • You have hardly used the comments in your workings, Like your first four functions could have been much better when accompanied with some inline comments.
  • As much as most of your outputs are self explanatory, you ought to have as well added some text/explanations to some of those outputs.
  • Considering you had two objectives to achieve, living your projects without summarizing your findings in the conclusion isnโ€™t that okay, remember not all of the readers will be that privileged to get involve with every workings you present, some will instead jump to the conclusion to get the findings.

Otherwise congratulations for having completed your second project.!

Happy Learning.


Hey, @brayanopiyo18 thank you for your thoughtful review and comments. I will for sure take care of these in the future. :slight_smile:

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Thatโ€™s great @amit9815 all the best in your upcoming projects!

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