2nd Guided Project: The Hacker News

This is my 2nd guided project,

All advices are welcomed.

hacker_news_posts.ipynb (14.1 KB)

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Hi @james.ng251

Thanks for sharing your project on Exploring Hacker. Have gone through it and it looks very cool. The aim/objective is well defined , the explanations given in the markdown cell, the conclusion are so informing. Have got few observation/suggestions to make;

  • Always consider re-running your project to have the sequential ordering of the code cells
  • You have hardly used the comments, remember it’s through the comments that complex code lines can be eased up.
  • Check again on the styles of the sub tittles, some are in bold , some have this (*) like in the title( this may be as a result of missing to do the spacing).

Otherwise to me everything looks nice, congratulations mate for the cool presentation.

Happy learning!

Thanks for the detailed advices!

I have been incorporating more comments now! Definitely helped with my though process.

I rerun the project and found a few typos, but I couldn’t find the (). My last commit was 9 days ago, perhaps I already fixed that but uploaded the older version from Jupyter Notebook? Github didn’t show any () either.

Thanks for your time

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