I would be delightful if you rate my project in terms of below aspect:
rating scale : 1 to 10

  • Readability
  • Code Structure
  • Comprehensibility

your valuable feedback also will be enlighten my path.
thanks in advance

(Learn data science with Python and R projects)

Basics.ipynb (12.3 KB)

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Hi @melihemretatli congratulations on finishing yet another guided project.

I had a quick look at your project and it looks good. I believe you have tried to present it well with all the headings and explanations in the markdown cells. Though you could have used headings instead of bold text. H1, H2, paragraph, they all look different when it comes to formatting. You can find a detailed guide here which will assist you to create highly readable and presentable reports

Also, it is a good practice to sum up your findings in the conclusion section. I hope this helps. Looking forward to your next project.