30 Days of DQ Challenge - Build a learning habit in 30 days with community accountability

“Take small steps towards greatness”

That’s one of our core values at Dataquest. It’s instilled in our way of working.

It’s also a value you can adapt to your learning.

Building a learning habit is the most valuable thing you can do to accelerate your trajectory.

Maybe you’ve tried building it before. But, time and time again, you fall off. Something comes up. What starts off exciting becomes too difficult. Before you know it, you’re back to square one.

But this is because there was no accountability.

Therefore, allow me to present to you…

30 Days of DQ challenge

This is a 30-day challenge where you publicly commit to your learning goals for the next 30 days.

You can participate by commenting below. Tell us:

  • How much time you plan to devote every day
    15 mins to 3 hours - whatever you can spare. The key is consistency.
  • What you plan to learn
    Just a rough idea - which path, step or mission you’re working on right now and what you hope to accomplish.

Every week, I’ll post a check-in asking you to share your progress with our community.

Bonus points if you share your learnings on Twitter or LinkedIn everyday with the hashtag #30daysofDQ !

What do you get for completing the challenge?

  • A learning habit that will help you forever
  • Social credit for coding for 30 days straight
  • A one-time only limited edition badge in our community :medal_military:


Comment below and join us!


Sounds good @nityesh! Is there a fixed time frame where we will need to do this?

Does it have to be solely on DQ or could it be using other data learning platforms or Youtube tutorials?


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You can do it whenever you want for the next 30 days (i.e till 31st March).

You are encouraged to use other resources that can supplement your learning on DQ. :slight_smile:

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Alright thanks for the clarification!

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I aim to complete Step 2 of the Data Scientist in Python path (or at least 80% of it) by the end of March. So far I have completed Intro to Numpy and Regular Expression Basics so I’ll try to aim for 1 lesson per day. To do this I will probably need an average of 1h per day on DQ (based on my estimations)-for both doing the exercises and my reflection on Linkedin.


This is a wonderful challenge!! I’m devoting 1hr of my day from my Data Engineering Path. Aiming to complete the Fundamental of Python



  • How much time you plan to devote every day?

Since I started on DQ I am about 4 or 5 hours every day (weekend too).

  • What you plan to learn?

I’m into Data scientific path finished #1 and #3 and now into the unknow land of Numpy and Panda world i.e #2.




Always wanted to complete the Practice mode.

Committing to the 30 Days of DQ Challenge so that I can solve several practice questions every day.


This is a great challenge. I am into Data Scientist in Python path. For this challenge I am aiming to complete step 2- Data Analysis and Visualization of the path. As I have already completed the course 1 and 2 out of 6 courses in step 2.
I will spend 1 hour daily for this.


This is great. I actually started the #66daysofdata challenge from Ken Jee on March 1st, but I will do this as well because more accountability can’t hurt.

I am working on a few projects right now but I plan on spending two hours each day on a data skill or project. I am on the Data Analyst Path on DQ and I want to reinforce my learning on visualizations by improving past projects.


This sounds like a really cool idea!
Over the next 30 days, I am going to spend at least 4 hrs every morning continuing to work through Step 2 of the Data Analyst in Python Path. I plan on learning the Pandas and NumPy Fundamentals.
I will also go back and keep working through the first guided project. Something came up and I never got around to finishing it, so I feel like it would be good to also get that completed too! :muscle:


Wow, that’s just what I needed!

I’ve slowed down since the holidays and now is the perfect moment to go back to my December rhythm. Here’s what I’ll do:

  • At least 1 hour of Dataquest per day, including weekends

  • Finish Step 4 (I’m in the last course of Step 2 now)

I’ll do my best to complete 50% of Step 5, since I already have some knowledge in Probability and Statistics. I cannot fully commit now because of College, I still got a lot to do until March 19th, after it I’ll have more time. :relaxed:


That’s a fantastic and very encouraging idea, Nityesh! :star: My plan for the next 30 days (well, already less than that :joy:) is to finish Course 2 of Step 5 of Data Analysis Path. I’ve just started this course. Usually, I learn the missions quite fast, but guided projects take really much time in my case :see_no_evil: So, I’ll try to be less perfectionist this month! :star_struck:


That’s a nice idea!
I’m committing to code at least 1 hour every day and finish the first 2 Guided Projects from Step 5 of the Data Analyst path.

If anyone is interested you can also participate in the #100daysofcode challenge on Twitter. It will create a great habit of coding every single day:)

Happy coding everyone!


Great! I am going to spend 1 hour daily and will complete Step 5 Probability and Statistics. :slight_smile:


Great idea! I’m on the Data Scientist in Python path, and I’m gonna devote 1 hour each day, aiming to complete step 2 at and the projects in step 1 at the end of the challenge


Great idea nityesh, this is something I needed to get back to my learning.

How much time you plan to devote every day?
At least 1 hour a day.

  • What you plan to learn?
    Finish off all of step 2 in Data Science paths

Also, will be tweeting what I completed in my 1 hour completion.

Best of luck with everyone!


This is a great idea @nityesh. I can’t tell you how many times I have start and stop in the past. Each time having to start over because I can’t remember what I previously learned. This is a good way to build a new habit.

I plan to commit to 1 hour a day for the next 30 days.

My goal is to complete Python for Data Science Fundamentals in the Data Analyst in Python path.

  • How much time you plan to devote every day
    I plan to do 20 hours of studying every week, which equates to ~2hr 52mins per day.
  • What you plan to learn
    I am currently working on the Data Scientist in Python path having completed 23%. I am aiming to have 50% of this path completed within the next 30 days.