30 Days of DQ Challenge - Build a learning habit in 30 days with community accountability

Count me in!

I am on the Data Engineering Path and currently halfway through Step 2.

I will commit to 30 minutes a day, at least, and hope to complete Steps 2 and 3 before the end of the 30 Days!


I would like to join in on this challenge as well to hold myself accountable!

How much time you plan to devote every day
Ideally, I want to spend at least (7 hours x 5 weekdays) + (3 hours x 2 weekends) = 41 hours a week, which would be almost 6 hours a day.

What you plan to learn
I’m 68% through the Data Analyst in Python Path, but am currently reviewing past courses and working on practice problems in the “Practice Mode” to better prepare me for the current missions I’m on and will be undertaking. I’m currently feeling a little stuck and overwhelmed, but hoping to push through as I really want to be able to create my own projects without help.

By the end of these 30 days, I hope to be somewhere in Step 5 of the Data Analyst in Python Path with a couple projects under my belt that I can call my own.

Good luck everyone!


You will feel great when you see that you are making progress.

Don’t think you’re the only one who has to stop and go over what you’ve done. It is normal, there is a lot of material and if you have never done it even more reason.

Go ahead, give that gift to yourself.


I hope this will help you.



You gain mastery through repetition.

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This week I finished the story telling and the information design, and just today I was going to start with the project but I decided to stop and look back to see the common points that have the works that I have been doing so far.

Also as I move forward I am also learning what is the best way to learn and organize all the work I have done so far.


may i join now? is there available time yet?

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Sure. You can join in anytime! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Keep yourself accountable by posting your progress updates here:


very interesting challenge,I saw the post 12 days later and thought like it has passed me by, if that not the case, count me in , hopping to finish the fist four courses in machine learning this month

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Unfortunately, I saw this challenge just yet. I want to attend this challenge if still continue.

Actually, I just committed to myself a long journey for learning and studying data science every day with DQ. So it is a perfect match for me and doing this with the community will make me more motivated about my goal.

I will study 4 hours every day on DQ Data Scientist in Python Path. I am currently in Step 2, Pandas and NumPy Fundamentals Course. I also want to use practice mode besides the main learning path.
I will check at the end of this and later weeks.

Thank you for this challenge

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You are very welcome to take this challenge, @Rosen! Welcome to the Dataquest community. :wave: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi Nityesh, will you be starting another 30 day challenge?


Probably yes - we’re planning to organize another one next month. :slight_smile:


@Edelberth thanks! I needed to see this video. Unfortunately, I fell of my goal. My day job got in the way and interfered with my daily goals. However, things are quieting down at work again, so maybe I can get back on and stay on track. I will definitely re-watch this video every time I see myself slipping.


Hello sharice.

Don’t worry, something similar has happened to me too.

The important thing is not whether you fall, because you will fall (we will fall).

The important thing is that you can get up again knowing that you can or will fall again.

You are getting stronger even if you don’t know it yet. That’s why you (and us) are here again.



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I would love to start the 30 days of code and win the premium subscription.I am planning to devote one hour every day

Please tell me how to start this challenge?I am unable to start this challenge