30 Days of DQ - Final check-in

Hey brave participants,

Congratulations on completing the 30 Days of DQ challenge! :tada:

What a great thing to flaunt and get some extra social credit! :heart_eyes:

No need to be disheartened if you didn’t achieve the exact goal you set out. That goal was just a north star to guide you in the right direction.

The main idea was to take small steps in the direction towards your better career.

So, if registering for this challenge was able to motivate you to study on even 1 day when you didn’t feel like it, you’ve been successful! :heart:

Let’s celebrate your progress below :confetti_ball: -

Reflect on what you’ve achieved in the past 30 days and share your experience by replying below:

  • What did you accomplish in the past 30 days? Share how many missions or courses did you complete, what progress did you make in your project and anything else that you did to help your future in data!

cc: @masterryan.prof @jayakuva @Edelberth @monorienaghogho @Deepali @laurellebanta @cameron_rex @nathalia.pignaton @Elena_Kosourova @artur.sannikov96 @DishinGoyani @amabel @shanil199 @sharice.richardson @Sultan @ic1101.02


I achieved 46% in the “Data Scientist in Python” path! :smiley:

My original goal was to achieve 50% starting from 23%. I’ve come a long way. Very happy!!

I’m finding the SQL missions very challenging, that’s why progress has been really slow over the past few days. I am very stubborn and don’t want to look at the answers haha!


I recently worked through the 3rd Guided Project where I explore Ebay Car Sales Data. I have completed 21% of the ‘Data Analyst in Python’ Path.
Slowly but surely I feel like I am getting better at reading Python and writing Python and making sense of what I write. Overall, I am pretty content with my progress. I just have to stay vigilant about making progress.
Looking forward to moving into the Data Visualization part of the ‘Data Analyst in Python’ path. :+1:


Hi everyone,

In these 30 days I managed to achieve my goal: to complete Course 2 of Step 5 of the Data Analysis Path. I passed the missions rather quickly, the most of time I dedicated to the guided project which I shared today with the Community. Ah, and in parallel I wrote 4 articles, which was not my goal at all at the beginning :grinning:

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4 ARTICLES! :raised_hands: :star_struck:

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I did one project in Step 5 of the Data Analyst path. It’s not much but considering I was usually programming other staff for my uni courses it’s a good result:)

Happy coding :smiley:



  • Deep learning fundamentals (3 mission and 1 project)
  • Revise Estimating probability and complete practice mission for same
  • Revise Probability Rules and complete practice mission for same
  • Solving complex probability problems
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@nityesh: So I’ve completed (almost) the whole of course 1 and 2 of Step 2 - Data Analysis and Visualization. Been a rough journey that taught me alot–about data science, perseverance, managing and overcoming burnout and perhaps settings more achievable goals. Been jumping between data and cyber in the holiday that I’m having now but it will be almost 100% cyber when I head back to school soon… Hopefully I still have some time to read up on the latest data & ML trends and brush up my data foundation with DQ so I take on some more interesting projects!

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