30 Days of DQ - Week 2 check in

Hey yall!

How’s the 30 days of DQ challenge going?

This week will mark 14 days since you committed to this challenge. So, you’re about halfway through the challenge! :heart_eyes:

Post a quick update on your progress below and let your fellow participants know how you’re doing. Don’t worry if you missed last week’s update, you can still get back on the horse. :horse_racing: :wind_face:

cc: @masterryan.prof @jayakuva @Edelberth @monorienaghogho @Deepali @laurellebanta @cameron_rex @nathalia.pignaton @Elena_Kosourova @artur.sannikov96 @DishinGoyani @amabel @shanil199 @sharice.richardson @Sultan @ic1101.02


Hello DQ peeps!

hope you are all staying healthy and motivated :slight_smile:

I managed to complete all of Step 1 (Intro to Python for DA) this week! I am now onto step 2 and I am kinda struggling to understand boolean indexing but I am pushing through and practicing as much as I can to fully get it. I hope by the end of the challenge to complete at least 2/6 courses in Step 2(Intrm. Python & Pandas).

So far this challenge has helped me stay focused on the small and consistent steps instead of the big picture which actually ended up overwhelming me in the past.

Hope you can all push through :slight_smile: :blush:


Greetings to everyone!

I’ve decided that I need to go deeper, taking advantage of the challenge and taking into account the way to deal with ilocs and locs both in the dataframes and in the series.

When I finish I would like to upload the Guided Project: Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data.

See you around.



Hey there! I was able to go back and finish working through the first Guided Project where we analyzed Apps within the IOS Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. I don’t think I could have done it without the help in referencing the Solution Notebook. This is really my first time using the the Python Notebook for detailed analysis of a data set, and I am proud of how far I have come.

Next is to go back and finish up the second guided project; Exploring Hacker News Posts. Once I go through that, then I want to move into Pandas and Numpy Guided Project on Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data. That should be an interesting one!


Practice problems completed:

  • Conditional statement mission

  • Dictionary mission

  • Functions: Fundamentals mission


Dont be hurry, be slow, learn and enjoy.

Marathon actitude. step by step.



Hi everyone,

I’m on the 4th (of 8) mission screen of the guided project (Step 5 course 2, Data Analysis path). Seems to be a good progress, but in my case, though, it means a long way ahead to complete the challenge :sweat_smile:



This is a marathon course, and you must run and enjoy runnig but without hurry.

Dont understand something?

STOP!!! and ask because:

“maybe who ask question is a fool once… who does not ask is a lifelong fool”.

…do you need help about boolean mask?

Sorry, dont wanna bother just help.



good greetings

I would like to know what method you use to learn, that is to say, I take notes because otherwise I would forget everything after two seconds, and seeing how you have been progressing and the level you seem to have, that’s why I’m asking you.

Thank you.


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Thank you @Edelberth! :relaxed: Well, my main secret is that I’m currently unemployed, having quite a lot of spare time and being very interested and motivated about all these new (for me) topics :star_struck: Otherwise, yes, the same thing about making notes, then I also repass from time to time the previous missions and their takeaways. And especially the guided projects give me a lot of skills and knowledge. I’m really a perfectionist about them, sometimes even too much! Doing them, I google a lot and try to do everything to look flawless: to optimize the code as much as possible, to answer all the additional questions and sometimes more.



First of all, thank you for your honesty, the subject of work is a delicate matter.

I am encouraged to see that someone who has been around here for a while uses a very similar (if not the same) system as I do.

Thank you very much, see you around and let’s talk, it’s always good to encourage each other.


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The last days were difficult, somehow this week I failed the challenge (I didn’t move at all in my courses :frowning_face:).
It happened because, beyond college, last week I had to work on a “personal” project to an internship vacancy, I cleaned an excel spreadsheet with pandas to answer questions they gave us and I’m now building a simple machine learning algorithm to segment clients, using KMeans.

I hope I’ll manage it, when I get the answer from the company I’ll come to tell you guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Greetings all!

So I’m doing my the first GP in Step 5: Statistics and I’m pretty good right now. However, I’m also a full-time university student who tries to keep up with the courses and studies a lot of additional material for upcoming laboratories so I hope to finish the challenge;)

But being accountable really helps:)


This is exciting. Wishing you all the best @nathalia.pignaton! :smile:


yes totally agree! so I managed to understand boolean indexing. I understood the steps but I am the type of person that has to know why and it finally clicked when I compared the mechanism in step 1 and step 2 :blush:



Boolean indexing is important because it is a good way to FILTER things out of a series or dataframe (or electronics…)

We have to make decisions and decisions can be represented very well with Mr. Boole’s algebra, which is where it originally came from.


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Complete guided project of Deep Learning Fundamentals


Yea I have to agree that you are right about having to slow down and take my time with this.
Build the wall brick by brick.


I caught the worst flu I have had in years and lost a few days… :frowning: But I will not be deterred!

I can and will do this!

Thank you for the check-in!

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Hope you get better soon @heather.emoto! :heartpulse:

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