344-5 Dataframe column names are different?

Screen Link: https://app.dataquest.io/m/344/combining-data-with-pandas/5/joining-dataframes-with-the-merge-function

Your Code: ```head_2015 = happiness2015[[‘Year’,‘Country’,‘Happiness Score’, ‘Standard Error’]].head(4)
head_2016 = happiness2016[[‘Country’,‘Happiness Score’, ‘Year’]].head(3)

merged = pd.merge(left=three_2015, right=three_2016, on=‘Country’)```

What I expected to happen: Column names should be Happiness Score_x and Happiness Score_y

What actually happened: Column names are Happiness Rank_x and Happiness Rank_y

Other details: Also while we are here anyway, where did the Standard Error column go?

Hi @MaksymKarazieiev. The merge in your code is using the three_2015 and three_2016 dataframes that were part of the initial code, not the new head_2015 and head_2016 that you defined. If you change the left and right parameters you’ll see the merge you were trying to do.

Thank you for the reply. I see. my bad :hugs: copied that from the previous step.

But now I’m surprised that test passed :slight_smile: