350-2 UnicodeDecodeError: 'charmap' codec can't decode byte 0x9d

I’m trying to work on the first guided project using the Google and Apple appstore data. When I load the datasets I receive a Unicode error. I searched Google and people have many varying answers. Nothing has worked for me. It’s so frustrating trying to learn and getting stopped right at the gate. I feel completely isolated. I don’t have anyone to work with on these kinds of problems.

I figured it out. By adding this code (encoding=‘utf-8’) to the end of the connection string resolved the error.

opened_file = open('/Users/Coffee/Desktop/AppStore/googleplaystore.csv',

Hey, Bryan. Glad to see you worked it out.

We actually single out this potential blocker in the instructions (third bullet in the first item):

Don’t worry if you don’t understand that piece of code at the moment, we teach more about encodings later on.

Just to give a rough idea of what happened: encodings are the translators that transform bytes on a computer into data that we can understand as humans. There are several of these kinds of translators (i.e. several encodings) and the original contents of the file depend on the encoding used.

Since you solved your own problem, feel free to mark your reply as a solution.


There is no better feeling than figuring it out yourself!

Thanks for the further explanation. I’ll be more careful not miss these important pieces in the instructions.

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