356.x Can't locate the reduced (!) "hacker_news.csv" dataset

Hi there,

I cannot find the cleaned and reduced data set for the Hacker News guided project in “Python for Data Science: intermediate”

The link in the description only shows the full data set, that has rows with no comments etc (as described in lesson 1 of the project) in it. To reproduce the results as per the project, I think it is helpful to have the same dataset.

I tried the solution described in this post but this only downloads the Jupyter Notebook solution file and not the data set. The data set is also not contained in the solution file.

Thank you.

Hey @phil.kowalski39,

Here are some articles to guide you on how to download code/data:

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Hi @phil.kowalski39,

Sorry about the trouble you faced with finding the modified dataset files. To download the datasets for Jupyter notebook based Guided Projects, please click the Download button at the top of the Jupyter Notebook interface in our platform.


This will download a .tar file which contains both your notebook file and the required datasets.

Let me know if you have any further questions on it. I would be happy to help you.