[376] dbWriteTable() error - Different number of columns than expected

Screen Link: https://app.dataquest.io/m/376/guided-project%3A-designing-and-creating-a-database/2/importing-data-into-sqlite

My Code:

dbWriteTable(conn = conn, name = "park_codes", value = "park_codes.csv", row.names = FALSE, header = TRUE)

What I expected to happen: To create a table with the data from park_codes.csv.

What actually happened: The error message below.

Error in connection_import_file([email protected], name, value, sep, eol, skip) : RS_sqlite_import: park_codes.csv line 33 expected 9 columns of data but found 10

I got a similar message when running dbWriteTable() with the file game_log.csv, but it manages to create tables based on the two other files (people_codes.csv and team_codes.csv) without an error.