39-8 Overloading technique

I disagree.

We should stop bad habits and bad practices. It may seems insignificant for now but in the long term, lesser bad habits are made and lesser resources needed to change those bad habits.

It’s difficult to change a leopard spot - It’s difficult to change one’s bad habits once they are cultivated.

Also, it will help to improve the performance of the DQ platform.

Suppose there are 100, 000 students doing the same problem, where the time complexity of the function is O(N). Suppose N is very large of magnitude 10^10. Then 100, 000 * 10^10 = 10^15 operations need to complete the request. As a result, the request will time out because there are simply too many operations to complete.

Wouldn’t a 10^5 operations for a O(1) time complexity be better than a 10^15 operations for a O(N) time complexity?

This is only one mission improvement. There are missions which can be improved too.