3rd project: Exploring_eBay_Car_Sales Data.py.ipynb

Hello all,

I am sharing my 3rd guided project with the anticipation your positive feedback.

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Exploring_eBay_Car_Sales Data.py.ipynb (117.7 KB)


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Hi @rudythealchemist
Thanks for sharing your third project with Dataquest community. The whole project looks pretty good with code lines well managed and has thus rendered good outputs. The aim is well defined and the comments are well worked and well detailed. Most of your explanations are very informing, keep it up mate for the good work. Have got few humble suggestions to make;

  • always consider re-running your project to have the sequential ordering of the code cell.
  • It’s also advisable to give the link of the dateset you are and providing some details/explanations or rather the information background about this dataset.
  • Since you aid an aim in your project, It’s advisable to summarize some of your findings and provide a subtopic/sub title like ‘conclusion’
  • Your can consider having the workings in cell[7], in single line of code to avoid to much repetition and it will as well save time and space.

Otherwise congratulations for the good work and for the presentation.

Happy Learning!

Thank you very much for your time and inspiring words, I truly appreciate it!

Kind regards,