428-8 Isolating the Free Apps

This topic concerns screen 8 of the first guided project in Python.

So just to make sure. Because this is a list, all lists are always automatically in string format?

Also, how would we know without looking what the format is for the price value (even though it’s in string format)? i.e. 0 int vs 0.0 float

android_final = []
ios_final = []

for app in android_english:
    price = app[7]
    if price == '0':
for app in ios_english:
   price = app[4]
   if price == '0.0':

In Python list may contain DataTypes like Integers, Strings, as well as Objects and list may be heterogenous, i.e. contain mixed types. So it is not automatically in string format.

>>> my_list = ['val1', 1, 3.15]
>>> type(my_list[0])
<class 'str'>
>>> type(my_list[1])
<class 'int'>
>>> type(my_list[2])
<class 'float'>

Also, because Python is Dynamically Typed, i.e. you can re-assign variable with different Data Type:

>>> a = 1
>>> type(a)
<class 'int'>
>>> a = 'test'
>>> type(a)
<class 'str'>

we do not know the value type without looking at it.

So, it’s your task as a programmer to make sure that your if statements work correctly either through type conversions or through tests.