464-5 Intermediate Joins in SQL (Recursive Joins)

For Question 5 …Its not accepting the concat function and also the result is shown as incorrect. I’ve also checked with the solution present and it is also not being accepted! Can anyone please help me in this…


select e.first_name || ',' ||e.last_name employee_name,
e.title employee_title,
e1.first_name || ',' ||e1.last_name supervisor_name,
e1.title supervisor_title
from employee e left outer join employee e1 on e1.employee_id = e.reports_to
order by 1;


    e1.first_name || " " || e1.last_name employee_name,
    e1.title employee_title,
    e2.first_name || " " || e2.last_name supervisor_name,
    e2.title supervisor_title
FROM employee e1
LEFT JOIN employee e2 ON e1.reports_to = e2.employee_id

both the outputs are same …

Hey, Sai.

The outputs aren’t the same. You’re separating the names from the surnames with a comma, the solution separates them with a space.

Other than that, good job!