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6 Data Science Podcast Not To Miss

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the data science industry and keep up to date with the latest developments, then data science podcasts are the way to go. With a range of topics covered each episode, from machine learning to artificial intelligence and the practical application of data science in industry, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here are 6 data science podcast you won’t want to miss.

1. Data Skeptic
Running since 2014, this podcast has over 200 episodes for listeners to choose from. Hosted by Kyle Polich, this weekly podcast alternates between longer interview episodes with leading industry professionals and researchers, to minisodes, which focus on specific high-level data science concepts. The minisodes are often co-hosted by Linh Da Tran, as they discuss a range of topics, often closely linked to current news. The podcast has a strong pedagogical perspective and past discussion topics have included machine learning, data science, AI and statistics.

2. Linear Digressions
Hosted by Katie Malone and Ben Jaffe, Linear Digressions is the ideal podcast for those with an interest in science, but short on time. In just half an hour, the two hosts succeed in exploring and simplifying complex technical topics in an accessible form. With over 100 episodes to choose from on a range of topics from autoencoders, to neural networks, and recent developments in data science, there is no shortage of options for eager listeners to choose from.

3. SuperDataScience
Hosted by Kirill Eremenko, this podcast has two weekly episodes on data science. The interview episodes, usually running at over an hour long, feature interviews with data scientists and data analysts, examining their career paths and how they were able to achieve success in the data industry. By contrast the minisodes, called Five Minute Friday, are designed to provide inspiration. Kirill Eremenko is himself a data science coach and lifestyle entrepreneur and as such, is able to successfully offer advice to listeners on how to progress in their own data science careers. If you’re looking for a motivational podcast, then this is one not to miss.

4. Artificial Intelligence In Industry
As the title suggests, this weekly podcast focuses on the practical application and use of AI within a range of business environments, from finance, to education and retail. Host Dan Fagella interviews AI professionals to discuss key questions, such as ways in which AI can be used to hire employees.
At around half an hour per episode, this podcast succeeds in delivering short, easy to access episodes, which are nevertheless insightful and pique listener’s interest.

5. Data Science At Home
If you’re looking for a podcast on machine learning, then look no further than Data Science at Home. The podcast alternates between solo episodes and interviews. In the shorter (20-minute) solo episodes, host Francesco Gadeleta discusses a specific topic of his choosing, while interviewing a range of industry experts in the hour-long interview episodes. Strongly opinionated and articulate, Gadeleta is certainly never afraid of expressing his views on a range of topics, including optimization, AI and what you need to become a data scientist.

6. DataFramed
This weekly podcast features interviews with leading practitioners and academic experts, where the concept of what data science is and its applications are discussed and analyzed. Hosted by data scientist, educator and writer, Hugo Browne-Anderson, the podcast invites guests to discuss their own personal projects, as well as exploring important developments in the field and the wider impact of data science in the world.
One of the best features of DataFramed is that it has some really important short segments included throughout the episodes, which provide listeners with really key information on specific topics. In particular, they often give practical advice, such as on how to improve workflow or even how navigate the field as an independent contractor. The episodes are not only interesting and informative, but really easy to listen to as well.

As the field of data science continues to grow in popularity, so too will the number of podcasts available. Listen to a new episode during one of your daily activities and share them with friends and colleagues. With plenty of options to choose from, all that’s left to do is start listening!

*Katherine Rundell is an experienced Data Science writer at UKWritings and Academized. She writes about a range of data science topics, including sharing tips and suggestions with her readers into the different career paths they can take within the field. *


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