8 installing juypter locally

Hi , so I am at the point now where I wanna use juypter for your courses. I know there telling me to download Anaconda, but could I download “Miniconda” instead. I don’t know how different they are, but I am wondering If it would make it that much harder to follow along in the course.


Hi @flf4mica,

You can use Miniconda if you want. Using Anaconda does make things easier, but there is no reason you cannot use Miniconda (or just Python for that matter).

With Miniconda you will have to install more libraries and packages (whereas Anaconda will come with pretty much everything you need for DataQuest). Installing packages isn’t too difficult and there are lots of tutorials on how to install python libraries / packages if you get stuck.

I would recommend going with Anaconda if you are just starting out.

Good luck,

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