A concise resource repository for machine learning!


Hello everyone.
We’re so happy to announce that we’re trying to build a concise GitHub resource repository for Machine Learning. You can find this GitHub repository from here. The things that we try to cover are as follows:

  • Data Set
  • Book Materials
  • Online Course
  • Research Papers
  • GitHub
  • Kaggle
  • Best Blog
  • YouTube Star

This is the reflection of our Machine Learning journey so far. So, along with our learning journey, we’ll continue to update this repository and will remain concise but yet comprehensive to highlight the most relevant resources from time to time. The main points are:

  • Concise and comprehensive
  • Keep updating
  • Turning web-bookmark into git-repo

However, ML-Bookmarks is still of its early stage. There’s a lot of modification of this repository still left. We need your support and constructive feedback to turn this repository more robust and reliable to everyone.