A need for your advice!

Hello everyone,

I am totally new to all of this, but I am sure this is something I enjoy learning.

I got to 50% in Python for Data Science: Fundamentals, I understand all concepts so far easily, but I am sure I will forget it if I don’t practice it outside the course, or if I don’t understand how it could help me do a specific job.

As I’ve never worked in this field, and my background is fine arts, I am wondering if you have any advice?

Are there simple exercises I can do at this level outside the course? Should I just keep moving with the course and soon I’ll figure it out? Should I have a career path plan to stay motivated to learn next steps?

Thank you, I appreciate your responses.


Hello @ lojainnahhas93

Dataquest provides ‘Practice Mode’ where you can brush up the concepts you learned. You can access ‘Practice Mode’ from your dashboard as shown in the below picture. Apart from this you can also register and practice your coding skills at https://www.codewars.com/. There are several options like this to sharpen your coding skills. Hope this information was helpful.

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You should move ahead and also practice the concepts that you learned. You can make a career path plan that will motivate you to achieve your goals.

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hey @lojainnahhas93

If you want to practice small exercises every day, you can try w3schools.com python + SQL courses and their quizzes. These courses take up one concept and explain that concept along with a quiz.

These short courses/ concepts can be taken as supplements to your learning path.

Even though I am familiar to IT sector, I am also learning and sometimes get apprehensive about my own capabilities, and future prospects. But then learning is joyful (although I become one-who-can’t-be-named when my code doesn’t work! :smiling_imp: kidding).

If you enjoy learning, that’s the best way to move forward! :smile: