About the Dataquest Direct category

Your friendly, school magazine where you can read articles written by your peers in the Data Science Community. Hop in to see some long, thoughtful writing created by our awesome community of Data Science learners.

You can also submit your own articles here! Publishing in Dataquest Direct will help you by boosting your career.

Here are the submission guidelines that we expect you to follow when writing your articles. These guidelines are there to ensure a good experience for the readers:

  1. The first one is obvious - you should only share articles that you have written yourself. Don’t plagiarise from other sources.

  2. Add a cover image on the first line. Humans are visual creatures and adding beautiful, relevant images to your article makes it easier to read.

    But beware of copyright infringement. Don’t add images from Google Search.

    Do not use images (including logos and gifs) you found online without explicit permission from the owner. Adding the source to an image doesn’t grant you the right to use it.

    Use Unsplash or show off your data analysis skills by creating a pretty visualization using your favorite library.

  3. We only accept articles with a read time of 3 minutes or more . That’s about 800 words. If yours is less, dive deeper into the subject until you have more to speak about it.

  4. Be mindful of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Having a wide vocabulary is not important but using correct grammar is. You need to be extra careful if you aren’t a native English speaker. Using tools like Grammarly can help.

  5. Format all code using Markdown - no screenshots.

  6. Don’t use clickbaity titles (like “You won’t believe what happens…”).