Accessing Dataquest while offline

Is there any way to access Dataquest while offline? (I’ll have a couple of very long flights in the coming weeks and was hoping to be able to use that time to advance my training…). Thanks!



Hey @c.a.paulhan,

According to dataquest article,

Dataquest was designed to be experienced with an internet connection, first and foremost. All our content and interactive exercises require a connection to function the way we intended them to.

With that said, we do have features for students to take advantage of while they’re offline. These are meant to be a complimentary experience to the main web app — our hope is that we’re able to provide a consistent, holistic learning experience, both online and offline, in order to ensure you’re getting the most out of your time here. Here are a few that we’re working on:

Mission takeaways are downloadable summaries that are unlocked at the end of each mission. Students can use these to review and retain core concepts that they’ve just learned, or as cheat sheets for future courses and projects later on in their learning path.

Each of our missions and projects uses real-world data sets from real-world sources in order to ensure our students are working on relevant learning material. While you’ll need to be online to take advantage of our interactive coding editor, we encourage students to tackle exercises locally as well — to do this, we give Basic and premium members the ability to download the data sets that we use in our missions.

After downloading these data sets, students are free to either follow along or experiment on their own, with or without an internet connection.

The short version: The only way you can work offline is to copy the instruction and download the data set locally. Otherwise, you still require an internet connection since DataQuest product is designed to be used with an internet connection.

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Thanks for your prompt answer!

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I have a 5 hour commute every weekend, so what I do is: I open the tabs for couple of missions and leave them so and don’t turn off the laptop, download the data set(s) and do exercises locally.


How do I download the data in the exercises? I want to try running it on my own python instance on my computer. I can’t seem to find how I can get the .csv file that I’m working with for the conditional statements exercise.

I solved my own problem. Right where the python interface runs there is a small tab that allowed me to download the .csv.

I’m planning to replicate my work and practice working in Jupyter notebooks as I go. Trying to practice using the tools while learning the practice using DataQuest.