Adding images in Jupyter notebook in DQ environment

How can I add images in Jupyter notebook in the markdown cell in DQ environment ? While doing some guided projects, I may have to add some images in the Jupyter notebook in the DQ environment.

I know that I can use the below code while accessing the Jupyter notebook locally to add images in the markdown cell
![alt text](image.jpg "Title")

Thanks in advance.

You can either upload it into the Dataquest environment or refer to it externally.

The code ![]( displays the following image.


I hope this helps.

This code helps me to add an image from web. How to add an image saved locally?

How to upload it into the Dataquest environment?

I suggest uploading it to wherever you want and then downloading it from the Dataquest environment.

If you don’t know how to download it, please provide a link with an image so that someone can show you.