Adding third condition

screen link:

I cannot understand how g = sns.FacetGrid(data, col, row, hue)
these three conditions work.
I can get the plots but cannot understand the plots

Could somebody explain how the three conditions work together?

Thank you in advance!

  1. sns.FacetGrid is used to create an instance for generating plots. You subset the data by specifying the grids (columns and/or rows). The main purpose is to plot a Multi-plot grid for plotting conditional relationships. thos 3 conditions that you want assistance on are variables that defines subsets of the dataset. Some were explained here: and here
    • data: your dataset
    • col: variable from the dataset. this col will be used for subsetting and will be the column grid for the the returned Object
    • row: variable from the dataset this will be used to subset the data add will be drawn as a row grid
    • hue: subset by apply different colors to unique subsets

Lean more from the Documentation