Advanced Regular Expressions in R

                        'e mail', 'E-mail', 'e-mail',
                        'eMail', 'E-Mail', 'EMAIL')

pattern <- "(?i)e-?\\s*mail"
email_uniform <- str_replace_all(email_variations, pattern, "email")

titles_clean <- str_replace_all(titles, pattern , "emaiil")```

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pattern <- "(?i)e-?\\s*mail"

What I expected to happen:
It was supposed to replace the entire email in the title with email. It is throwing an error but same code works perfectly on the test case

DataQuest’s solution
pattern <- "(?i)e[\\-\\s]?mail"

Exactly what am I missing ?

@dataquest-aaron I ran the code with the answer from DataQuest and it doesn’t still work