A'isha's first guided project: helicopter prison break

I want to y’all to tell me how i can improve on my codes.

Here is the url of the guided project:

Basics.ipynb (75.8 KB)

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Hi @aishaabdul777 you’ve done a great job on your first project, even though you didn’t finish it :smile: starting is still a step in the right direction;

  • To do a comprehensive data analysis project it’s always advisable to add an introduction, Good features for the Introduction include:
    • Summary of the study and data, as well as any relevant substantive context, background, or
    framing issues.
    • The “big questions” answered by your data analyses, and summaries of your conclusions about
    these questions.
    • Brief outline of the remainder of the paper.
    I know it’s a practice tutorial but as the popular saying, practice makes perfect. so try and inchoate the habit of adding a proper introduction to your work.
  • As I said earlier you didn’t finish this work because you are supposed to also write a code to show the number of occurrences, please try adding that to your work.

Keep going hard Aisha :muscle: cheers