Alternative Answer for Changing Permissions (Symbolic Notation)

Hi all!

I wrote some alternative answers which you may find useful for this mission on symbolic notations.

DQ Sample Answer:


#changing mistery_file permissions
chmod a+rwx mistery_file

#changing Trash permissions
chmod g+wx,o+w Trash

#changing Config permissions
chmod g+x config_file_1
chmod g+x,o=r config_file_2

#changing disposable file permissions
chmod a=rwx,o-x d*

My Solutions:

cd ~
chmod 777 mistery_file 
chmod 776 Trash
chmod 554 c*
chmod 776 d*

Here is a screenshot of the code and the results:

Check out this article for the descriptions of using numbers, which i find easier than the letters. We can use the * wildcard to select all files beginning with a certain character or sequence (in this case all the config_files and disposable_files to save time in changing all permissions of files with similar names, instead of manually doing them one by one.

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Thank you so much! This is really helpful!