Am i crazy or some courses disapeared from the data scientist path

Hello everyone

i was pretty sure that in the 8th step of the data science path there was a course about algorithms and one about Python advanced
i cant seem to find them so did they removed them or i was dreaming

but i swear ive seen them before becase i was afraid of the algorithms mission since i am not good at super advanced math


I was confused as well cause I thought they were there before. Change your path to the Data Engineer one is a temporary fix. I know for sure the Algorithms and Data Structure one is in there under step 5 (I am working on it now). Not sure about the other one you mentioned.

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They seem to be reorganizing/updating/modifying the content/curriculum structure recently - Advanced SQL course missing


Learning algorithms doesn’t require any super advanced maths. Only college (undergraduate) level maths. It can be difficult and challenging, but nothing to be afraid of :slight_smile:

so is there any link to the python advanced course and the algorithm one from the data science path?
im really interested in the the more in depth object oriented python and im so used to the dataquest pedagogy of doing things that i dont like the other courses i saw in other platforms

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Yes, I saw the same with the NLP course and much of the step seven, I remember there being like 6 courses and there are only 3 now

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Hi Everyone,

Here is a list of removed courses (can be accessed via direct links):

Thank you for expressing your concerns. We had an internal discussion and decided that, in the future, we plan to notify our students of any changes to the content.

Sorry for the confusion caused by it. :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi Sahil,

Can you please give the step numbers in Data science path where each of these courses were. I would prefer to continue in the same order.
P.S. : Some of these were the very reason I had opted for dataquest. See if you can include them somewhere in your curriculum.

Vinayak Naik

Course Name Step Path
Data Structures and Algorithms 8 Data Scientist In Python
Natural Language Processing 6 Data Scientist In Python
Advanced SQL for Data Analysis 4 Data Scientist In Python
Python Programming: Advanced 8 Data Scientist In Python

Hi @Sahil

we can know (if possible) why you have removed these courses?

Hi @arredocana

Not sure, but DQ might be revising or revamping them. I had completed (at least completion of missions - projects nope! :grimacing:) the course 4 in the DS track, but once the SQL part was updated and uploaded, I just had to redo a couple of missions. It took me a few minutes to realize the content page and exercise both were updated.

@the_doctor has also mentioned this earlier - Am i crazy or some courses disapeared from the data scientist path

Hi @arredocana,

I may not be able to tell you the exact reasons for removing each of these courses, but I can provide you a general idea of why courses can be removed:

One of the reason is mentioned in this post:

Other possible reasons are:

  • Course is not up to the Dataquest standard
  • Course content is outdated
  • Course has a lot of bugs

Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:



Why can’t this course be found on course directory?
It’s really frustrating :frowning: .

That’s what I needed, thanks.

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