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An analysis to identify the peak hours: ask hn and show hn posts

Hi, I just want to share my second guided project on this platform. I’m really enjoying doing these projects :grinning:

A feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi @reginaldrenzsantos

Thanks for sharing your project with the community. It’s so great! to learn that you find it enjoyable doing the projects, I love that kind of attitude mate…
That a side, have gone through your project and I was so amazed with your workings. Your objectives are well defined and organized, background information of hacker news is well worked on,the visualizations are so admirable, the conclusion is very informing and well structured, keep it up mate for the good work.I love the way you have styled most of your code lines making every output attractive and easy to understand, those doctrines added are just amazing , thumbs up buddy for the entire work.
Have got two humble suggestions;

  • Your project’s title is kind of long, and since the project was all about Hacker News, having the title as simple as ‘Exploring Hacker News’ I think will do more better.
  • Always remember to provide the link of the dataset you are using for easy access by the reader.

Otherwise , congratulations for having completed a second project , all the best in your upcoming projects.

Happy codding :joy:!

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Hi Bryan,

I appreciate your feedback. And yes I think that the title is quite long and I’m having a hard time thinking of one. I’ll try to do better next time :grinning:. As for the links on the dataset, I’ve provided it on the first part of the cells and on the table that I made for the descriptions of the column. I’ve enclosed it on the Kaggle. But anyways thanks and I’ll try to do better next time :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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That’s great @reginaldrenzsantos for considering the suggestions I presented, actually I opened the link on the first cell and I just skimmed through the site and didn’t notice the csv file .Yah ,actually the one you presented below the description table is working, thanks for pointing out.

And I have just remembered I didn’t submit one of the points I listed :grinning:, always try to import he necessary libraries before any code line, like having them in the first code cell is the best approach. hope you will incorporate that as well in your future projects.

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Oooh I see thanks! Will do this one next time, I’m trying to learn python convention on writing a code bit by bit. Thank you!

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