An update on upgrading our courses to new Python versions

Hey all,

I have an update regarding the use of new Python version in our courses: we are in the process of upgrading all of our Python content to 3.8.

In fact, four of our Python courses (the first four courses in the Data Engineering path) are already using 3.8.

We realized that this is a fair point of confusion for a few advanced learners and we want to give you more clarity on this:

Why 3.8 rather than 3.9?
Some of the libraries we teach don’t support 3.9 yet.

When will other courses be updated?
To ensure stability, we’ll be rolling out and testing the update in different courses over time, so they’ll come bit by bit. The current plan is that everything — 100% of all Python courses in all paths — will be updated by the end of Q1 2021. But many courses will be updated earlier than that. For example, the next round of courses is scheduled to be upgraded this coming Tuesday, assuming they pass the final round of testing today.

Will you be updating the versions of the various Python libraries you teach as well?
Yes. Similar to the plan for Python itself, those upgrades will be rolled out over time rather than updating every library at once, but these updates will happen on the same timescale.

Why does this take so long?
Because of our custom answer-checking system, upgrading versions is complicated, and if we don’t approach it carefully, things break. We’re a bootstrapped startup, so we don’t have the resources to update everything overnight, and we want to make sure that we don’t disrupt anyone’s learning as we make these upgrades.