Analysing CIA Factbook data using SQL for review

Hi, just posting for the first time with the first “guided project” on DataQuest “Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL.” Any feedback is appreciated, thanks to the community and Dataquest in advance!

Guided Project_ Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL.tar (188.5 KB)

Hi @tan.chris.v,

welcome to the Dataquest community, thank you for sharing your guided project here. It has been a while since you posted this guided project for review but I would like to offer some helpful feedback. I hope your learning on the platform has progressed well :slightly_smiling_face:

I downloaded your project and reviewed the Basics.ipynb file. It seems you might have experienced some challenges initially connecting to the sqllite factbook.db, since connection was successfully established from In [5], the project can begin from this point, it is okay to remove these previous lines of code which display connectivity related errors: In [2], In [3] and In [4]

I would recommend having a review of the Dataquest style guide which gives some tips on how to best organise projects by including project introduction, subheadings, and analysis conclusion, I have included the link here:

There is an example project provided within the post which helps show the style guides in use, please click here to view:

Thanks for sharing once again!