Analysing Data from WeRateDogs Twitter Archive

Hello, wonderful community!

I wanted to take some time to share a data wrangling project I recently completed. This is one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I have attempted. I hope someone enjoys and learns from it.

I am a huge lover of pet dogs. I collected data from various sources and tried to investigate the tweet activity of the Twitter user @dog_rates. Also known as WeRateDogs. The goal is to understand the most popular breeds and how people interact with dogs posted on the account.

I have tried as much as possible to detail all the analysis steps. It is a very long read. The file is also too large to upload here.

If you can share some feedback, I would be grateful.

The most challenging aspect was applying for a Twitter developer account (essential for gaining access to the Twitter API). If you need tips with applying, I will be happy to help :slightly_smiling_face: .

Cheers to learning and improving.


Great work @israelogunmola, I perused your project, and your entire code seems nice, I really enjoyed every step taken and how you were able to explain it. the visualization was on point.

Great work, :+1:


Thank you very, very much for sharing the work you have done.

I want to congratulate you because it shows that you have worked very very hard and because thanks to your work I already have some ideas about how to improve my github, how to work properlly the try, except, finally or the classes…

Thanks again.


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@OlutokiJohn Thank you for taking the time to go through my project. I am grateful for the feedback :raised_hands:

Thanks @Edelberth :raised_hand: The project took a lot of time and effort. I wanted it to be easy for readers to follow along (which added another level of challenge for me :sweat_smile: ). I am also happy you found some interesting ideas from my work :clap: . Thank you very much

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Thank you.

Yes, it is seen that you have worked very hard and the truth has managed to make it understandable.

I would like to upload a personal work that has also taken me a loooooong time but in the end I can say that there is a version with face and eyes.

How could I let you know?


That sounds exciting! I cannot wait so see what you are working on.
You can tag me when you share the project in the community. I will be more than happy to go through your work and review :raised_hands:

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