Analysing post engagement in Hacker News- project 2

Hi All,

Please see attached my second project.

All feedback is welcome.
Thanks (15.8 KB)

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Hi @juanjosemunozp,
You project looks great, both the code itself and the project structure (different size subheadings, emphasizing, bullet points). The title sounds positive, result-orientated and attracts attention. And also I liked your idea to outline briefly the summary of results at the beginning.
Some suggestions from my side for your further consideration. The code cells [2], [3] and [7] have repetitive explanations before and after the cell; it would be better to remain only one of them. The code cells [4] and [5] are explained twice after the cell, both as an output of print() and in markdown cells; the print outputs would be enough in such cases. Also, I would change the subheading Summary in the middle of the project (after the code cell [5]) with something less obligative, like Intermediate Results.
For the rest, excellent work! :blush: