This is my second guided project, the project has been completed since July 18, 2022, but I could not publish it due to unseal illness. The aim of this project is to find mobile app profiles that are profitable for the App Store and Google Play markets. Even when this is a Data Science course, a Data Analyst is assumed to be at work in this project.

Analysing-Profitable-App-Profiles-For The-App-Store-and-Google-Play-Markets.ipynb (1.4 MB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hello @cayodey, good work on completing your second guided project. I just had a quick look at your project.

  • I like that your markdowns are descriptive, letting readers know what the project is about.
  • You have added comments on code, it’s a very good practice to build early on.
  • You’ve presented the project well.

Overall, your project looks good and easy to understand to the readers. Cheers!

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@vishallbabu5 , thanks for the review. It is highly appreciated.

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Hi @cayodey,
Great job with opening visualizations and explaining dataset. Very good job commenting your code. Your introduction and conclusion were clear and easy to follow. Great Job!

Thanks always for the review. Much appreciated.