Analysing the traffic volume on I-94

I am sharing the last guided project I completed.
Just to mention that I used 2 barplots for checking the effect of the time of the day on traffic that take some time to load, so be patient :slightly_smiling_face:

Heavy_Traffic_Indicators_I94.ipynb (454.5 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab
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Hi @ghafourm, you did a good job, your codes, header in each section and visualization were so on point.
my little feedback on the whole project.

  • work on your introduction, tell us more about what you’re about to do, and also write more about your observation in each section, data analysis is all about story writing.
  • it’s not really necessary to use the print() function on a dataframe it makes your work longer, I am talking about print(by_weather_main), and print(by_weather_description). just call it directly it’d automatically print itself in a more concise way.
  • your last plot i.e the # barplotting daytime traffic volume versus weather_description why not increase the height and width of the graph in the figsize, they’re not displaying properly.
  • you can also dig deeper into the month of July 2016 to see how it’s affecting the normal behaviour of the dataset and check the average traffic volume per day of July 2016
  • work on your conclusions also
    Hope my ideas were interesting. Thanks for sharing your nice work and good luck with your future projects!!

To add, you may want to introduce semi colons “;” at the end of your plt function calls to surpress outputs like (<Figure size 30000x120000 with 0 Axes>) which helps keep your output cells more tidy and engaging. Keep it going and well done!

Hi OlutokiJohn, thank you for your input. I greatly appreciate that and use it in my future posts.

Hi Ezemonye, many thanks for your feedback. I finally changed my figure size by passing it as as a parameter to the barh method but didn’t upload the last ipynb file.