Analysing world data(unguided)

Hi everyone kindly review my project.
basic.ipynb (178.2 KB)

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A few things I noticed from a quick readthrough:

  • Make sure to cite the data you used. Where did you get it? Who was the source? I would link them as well.
  • I think you’re project could benefit from a bit more narrative structure. When you state your goals at the beginning, make it a bit more clear. Use bullet points. Then use each of those goals as a section in your project. Your introduction also doesn’t say much, you simply give a definition of the world population. Instead, use your introduction as a pitch, why should someone be interested in this project? Why is knowing about population numbers important? Answering some of these questions in your introduction could make for a better intro.
  • When you explore the data, make some comments about it. What do you notice when you explore the data? What will be important for your project?
  • Look out for spelling and grammatical errors. I noticed a few in my brief readthrough, you’ll want to correct those.

Those were my thoughts, I’ve just started doing my own independent projects, so I’m no expert but those were some things I thought you could improve upon.

Hope this helps!